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Couch's Corner: Giving a bit of heart and soul

I’ve tried to use this little Couch’s Corner space afforded to me weekly to talk about things happening in District 4, but sometimes a story is so important, it doesn’t matter in what district it happens in.

This is the story of Shari Rightmer and the Homeless Heroes of Taft. While it seems like everyone is scrambling to figure out what to do in the face of the virus, Shari has mobilized her homeless army to serve the Taft community. Every day, her team staffs the food lines to provide food for the hungry and needy families affected by unemployment and uncertainty during this COVID crisis. With very little assistance from the state or local agencies trying to serve the homeless, Shari has built purpose and love into her service and the result shows how the homeless population around Taft have responded to her message. Her message is so powerful, even those of us who aren’t experiencing homelessness may find it in us to respond.


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