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Our Mission

We are a consistent and abundant source of food that is given to people
in a loving and supportive environment.

Local Food Insecurity


Food insecurity is a national problem and in Kern County the crisis is especially critical.

It is estimated that one in five children in Kern County (59,000 children) go to bed hungry.  That is 41% higher than the national average.

The statistic is just as bleak on the other end of the age scale. One in five adults over the age of 65 faces serious food insecurity.

Kern is ranked 15th in the state for food insecurity based on the population of the county. But we are ranked 8th when comparing the actual number of people going hungry (121,800 Kern residents face hunger regularly). This is 25.7% higher than the national average.

This is a problem we can solve. There is enough food to feed everyone.
The challenge is that gathering, sorting, storing, and redistributing the available food requires consistent funding.

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